Funny advertising on roadsides

Australian scientists in an experimental study have found that ads placed on roadsides are dangerous: driver reaction time increases for half a second on average. But this doesn’t stop companies from actively using environmental advertising to increase their sales – after all almost 93% carefully examine the advertisements while passing by.

fully dressed man getting naked

If no one has yet bough advertising space, you can read something like Free space for your ad. In Amsterdam, Netherlands social media agency has figured out an excellent sales tactics, replacing the usual text with The sooner you advertise here, the better. Pictures were regularly changed – first there was a vertically challenged guy fully dressed, then he lost part of the outfit, then some more until he was standing almost naked – until finally someone decided to buy the ad space.

witty paint ad

This is how paint is being promoted in Stockholm, Sweden.

catering advertisement

Above you can see a part of marketing activities of influential Australian food company that specializes in truck driver catering.

sports bra ad

Advertisements like one you see above could be seen around 2000, when sports bras were promoted by a popular russian tennis player Anna Kurnikova. Advertisement slogan was rather ambiguous, but apt: Only the ball should jump.

subway environmental advertisement on rooftop

It’s not a secret that phrases containing word sex grabs anyone’s attention. This approach to sell stuff has been widely used since the beginning of 19th century. Catering companies like Subway continue this strategy as of today.

clever coffee adv.

One more example of this: Size matters!

juicer ad next to sports club ad

A good lesson not to promote juicers and sports clubs next to each other.

lub commercial

A dodgy way to promote a lube.

funny bar advertisement

Free beer, topless bartenders and false advertising.

religion promotion

Funny roadside marketing is used not only to increase the popularity of various restaurants or vendors, but also to promote religion. This ad says: Why pay for GPS if Jesus gives direction for free?

gym ad

Massive gym commercial.