How to beat the heat?

man adjusting climate control settings

We will soon once again be hit by a super-hot and dry weather. Sun recklessly heats everything it can reach and the abandoned vehicles are converted into real ovens. For those, who have only an air conditioner in their cars, there will not be much of opportunities to change the situation except turning the fan on max output. Those who have a climate control, on contrary, will be able to enjoy certain advantages.

German technical surveillance association (abbreviated GTU) gives simple and practical advice on what should be done to regain a normal cabin temperature as soon as possible. This is important not only from the comfort point of view, but also for safety reasons – overly hot temperature inside the cabin negatively affects the driver’s reaction speed and capabilities to assess the situations on road appropriately. There are calculations claiming that at a 45 degree temperature the risk of getting into an accident increases by 6-7%, but at the temperature of 90 degrees – by more than 15%.

First of all, we can influence this by changing our habits, for instance, try to park the car in shade of trees or buildings when possible. Next, before getting in spend a couple of minutes to ventilate the heat out of the cabin by opening all windows (or doors if possible). Additionally, put the car’s equipment in action – adjust climate control or AC to work at a full capacity. Once you start driving, it’s recommended to keep windows open for around 2-3 minutes. When the time has passed, close the windows and sunroof if any and set cabin temperature at about 70 degrees.

It should be noted that the climate is a great assistant in cooler temperatures and rain, too. If the air flow is directed to a window and the internal ventilation option is selected, window demisting is prevented. You can turn the internal ventilation off after a moment, and adjust the fan speed to a medium one. If you are willing to make sure that your car’s climate control serves you long, experts advise to run it for at least 10 minutes every week. This ensures that the coolant is moved through the system and seals are prevented from drying out.

German GTU gives few more suggestions: under the tree ambient temperature is about 60 degrees lower compared to the areas in direct sunlight. If you don’t have an option to hide your car in shadows, at least try to park it in a manner that the rear part of the car is exposed to the sun, and not the front part. If you have few extra dollars, it could be a wise decision to get a foil that you can put at the top of the front windshield that blocks solar-generated heat. If you have more spare money to spend, get an ice bag. You will be able to get a refreshing drink or meal no matter how hot the weather outside and temperature inside your car is. If these are not options, remember about throughout vehicle ventilation hack. There’s actually nothing else you can do, so keep calm and enjoy!

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