About Me and My Ride

Since childhood I have been literally obsessed by three car models – Lamborghini’s Gallardo, Mercedes E series and BMW 5 series. Yes, you heard me right – both models and all series’ cars! SO, it’s not a surprise that my very first car was… a 1996 BMW E39 525i with a manual gearbox. It was a complete revolution in the auto industry as BMW consortium replaced old, robust car shapes with modern, rounded ones. With the presentation of new gen 5 series with body code E39, the classic round headlights, the plane cockpit like cabin and other elements were left in the past. Despite special offer on older model, E34, I couldn’t say no to the future! This car is so long-lasting, that I am still a proud owner of it, as of writing this page. 20 years and counting!

This is how the car looked like when I purchased it:

my bmw eteriorview under my bmw hood

Vehicle was well taken care of, everything worked as it was supposed to. According to recommendations, I changed the front tires, oil and all filters. Probably my baby doesn’t look too rich in terms of additional extras, but this is what I could afford to get for myself. After a while I realized that actually it suits me the best: the fewer items that can break down, the better!

Here’s a pic from interior:

cabin view
Here comes the extreme makeover

Upgrade stage #1

Window tint:

my bmw gets windows tinted

I spent whole summer looking for rims that suits E39 the best. First idea was to take R17, but soon enough acknowledged that this will be too small and I need at least R18 for the summer tires. Rim choice stopped on the AC Schnitzer Type III Racing. I got them from an EBAY auction for a pretty decent price. After satisfying this need, appeared the next one: had to get Hella optics with angel eyes for whatever cost.

+/- it is now visible on the road:

how the new rims look

how my new rims looks_view 2

Upgrade stage #2

Under the Christmas tree Santa had left the following gifts:

1) M bumper package

2) The AC Schnitzer front splitter for the front M-Bumper

3) Modified front bumper grille with mounted air ducts for additional break system cooling

4) M fog lights

5) M mirrors and everything to ensure the folding function

6) New black nostrils

upgrade with koni

Since on some body panel parts rust had appeared, it was decided to bring the car in a complete order. When buying it, I didn’t notice that one of the rear doors was in different color tone than the rest of the car, so painting was urgent not only to fight the rust, but to eliminate also this tiny issue. I had dreamed about a white BMW’s 5 series so this was a perfect shot to finally make my dream come true. Without any hesitation, from all the available colors and tones I chose the Alpine White III color. My car was handed over for a rebuild and paint job to a local workshop. Below are some pictures from the process.

Upgrade stage #3

Went on a crazy EBAY shopping spree and got my car some pretty cool stuff: Magnaflow exhaust tip, rear KONI Sport shock absorbers, Eibach Pro Kit 30/25mm lowered springs, dark ceilings, Recaro seats and a bunch of other items.

What the car looked like before my magical touch:

car is being prepared for the paint job preparation part 2 freshly repainted front bumper rest of the bmw auto body is being repainted in white color painter processes the hood trunk is being repainted another picture from the paint chamber last stage - putting the ripped off parts togetger shiny picture of the freshly repainted bimmer shiny picture of the freshly repainted bimmer 2

And what it looked like after:

the end result

Feel free to contact me with any type of questions you have! Always interested in getting to know new people and make new business oppurtinities!