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Demolition Derby

Amazing demolition derby taking place in CA. See video below:

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Fat man trying to get in a beemer. This IS PURE GOLD!

Not always the sportiest types of cars are chosen by the sportiest types of people ๐Ÿ˜€ Thinking about any super car the first things that probably pop in your head are the canons of car industry: it has a wide wheel base, low center of gravity, super powerful engine and as aerodynamic as possible bodywork (so that the air resistance would be decreased to minimum). This, at some point, may lead to an extremely narrow doorway through which the driver has to get in or out of the cabin.

For most people this wouldn’t be an issue, but is a problem for a burly man for sure. In Facebook and Instagram many of my friends shared this video (on YouTube it has been watched more than 20 million times and counting). A random American Joe is trying to escape from a deadly trap โ€“ eco supercar BMW i8. This hybrid hyper car has a combined power of 362 HP, the weight has been distributed between the wheel axles in a perfect balance 50:50. It also has the lowest center of gravity among all BMW cars, allowing it to reach excellent steering, effective braking, as well as good dynamics. Car is capable of reaching 60mph in less than 4.4 seconds. The biggest con is probably the cost โ€“ more than $135 000 for a base model.

Ok, enough about the car, letโ€™s get back to the video. It seems like the poor guy is doing everything right at the beginning. He puts out the legs first. But then ๐Ÿ˜€ see for yourself ๐Ÿ˜€

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F1 formula driving over a snowy mountain

F-1 team Toro Rosso pilot Max Verstappen, who happens to be the youngest driver in this racing series, had taken race bolid RB7 to Austrian Alps. The same vehicle has taken part in Grand Prix 2011.

Race car was taken to one of the Austrian ski resorts. Engineers had to not only reprogram the engine electronic control unit so that the warm climate preferring engine would be usable in temperatures below zero degrees, but also had to put chains on formula’s wheels to ensure sufficient grip and the vehicle would be able to drive through the snow.

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