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Three scenarios for beautiful wheels

There is a saying that every car’s appearance defects can be removed by pdr method, but design mistakes can be corrected with beautiful rims. But what should be done if the rims are the ones who urgently need a correction? Here is some practical advice…

Cosmetic defects

The most common types how to get dents and other car body damages: being inattentive you drive along a road border and the wheel that was proudly shining in the bright sun now has got some ugly scratch. What to do?

If you’re not a perfectionist, just leave it alone. It’s probably not the first and definitely not the last visual damage to your car in its life.

However, if you are willing to do something about the problem and the scratching on the wheel is superficial, give a try of polishing. Or matte it and varnish afterward. Just be honest about your skills and abilities. If you have any doubt about them, better seek professional help. This will not only save your time but also you money on materials and amount of work.

In the case the defect is deeper, repair process is a bit more complicated. First of all, wheel must be removed from the car and the tire dismantled. Now you can start preparation process beforehand painting. Chemical treatment is applied in order to dissolve and remove any dirt. When it’s done, wheel’s surface is processed with sand, ball or soda flow to reveal a nude metal in front of you. Then it’s time for an additional heat treatment and powdering can begin. At a workshop this whole job will cost you somewhere between 50-100 dollars per wheel.

Bent or torn discs

If a wheel is deformed in a result of an impact, to restore the initial condition there are two possible options: either to weld or expand the disk. But do you really need it?

If the wheel has cracked, the smartest thing to do is to get a replacement and write off the old one as the life’s lesson. For security reasons it can also be pretty difficult to pass the technical inspection.

When the wheel is bent but not broken, it can be expanded. During the expansion process it’s possible to recover the initial positioning of the wheel (it costs somewhere between 20 to 70 dollars) and, if necessary, edges can be grinded. Ruptured disk repair will cost 50 dollars on average depending on the severity of damage.

It will be a rather challenging objective to achieve good results and avert any damage on chiseled wheels. It’s simply because the material is denser and hence much stronger than a material out of which a typical wheel is produced. These chemical properties grant the product more resistance to damage but in the same time a harder repair process.

Regardless of the necessary repair type, it must be considered with a cool mind. If you can’t asses it on your own, ask a pro to check it out. Also remember that your and your passengers’ safety is the top priority at all times.

Wheels look okey, but not perfect

The visual improvement of an alloy set of wheels is limited only by your own imagination. The simplest tuning option is repainting them in a custom color; it will cost you around 200 dollars per set. If this is too mainstream for you, choose a combination of custom painted inner edges and polished outside edge supplemented by a logo in the middle. Still not enough to stand out in the crowd? Go for a fluorescent color!

There is also an alternative to all of the above mentioned called hydro graphics. The wheel is soaked in water on which a label is applied beforehand. This makeover will make a 200 dollar dent in your wallet but will definitely be worth it.

You can also get yourself steel discs instead of more traditional alloy wheels. They might be heavier in some cases but fit better for some older car models. These wheel types have their own benefits in everyday and sports driving.

Upon an impact steel disk is curved but not torn in pieces so there are greater chances that tires will hold their pressure. Although it’s not a preferred method, the flexibility of steel wheel allows you to make an emergency quick fix by a hammer. Another argument in favor of the steel is lower price compering to the competing products.

Last but not least it’s worth remembering that a superb effect can be achieved by minimal effort: wash and wax your wheels regularly. This will also prevent the brake discs from dirt and other environmental factors.

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10 Dangerous Habits Behind the Wheel

youngster eating and drinking while driving

Non of us is perfect, everyone has his own flaws. Unfortunately, these flaws behind the steering wheel can have some really tragic consequences. Hence, now is the best and most appropriate moment to start working on them. If you start by monitoring and if necessary restricting your own actions, after a few short weeks the undesirable habits will be long gone and your driving style will have become a more reliable one.

Eating and drinking

Yes, many do it. But it is very risky – eating behind the vehicle’s wheel, a driver needs almost twice as much time to react to sudden, unpredictable traffic situations. And nobody wants to deal with nasty food stains.


Smoking kills in many different ways. Finding your pack of cigarettes, igniting one and smoking one is a clear distraction from the road. In addition, those who smoke while driving tend to be more reckless and aggressive, and often exceed allowed speed limits.

Speaking on the phone without using a hands-free system

In such conditions, attention is divided between driving, watching the road and a telephone conversation, possibly dealing with some serious issues. Insufficient focus on the traffic can have many consequences, including a neat fine. And, of course, you can say some stupid things you will regret later.

Search for destination on your smartphone

Always find the destination and set the route before the trip! Examining navigation maps or other apps on your phone while you drive will result in a significantly longer reaction time. Hence, there might be times you simply won’t be able to avoid the collision. Is it really a good idea?

SMS and e-mail reading and writing

Perception of the received information, consideration of possible answer and writing it while balancing the phone in hand and trying to hit the right spot on the display, make even a professional driver into a mass murderer. This is a big no-no behind the wheel.

Having no insurance

Driving around without insurance has a real and significant risk to find your-self in a bunch of problems starting from fines, legal issues till stomach ulcers from stress. Think not only about yourself or your car that might suffer in various cases, but also about other people – their health, lives and property. Remember, you can find yourself dealing with these problems even if you are not technically/formally guilty.

Failure to have a safe distance

Sufficient distance saves lives, but lack of it may threaten you, your passengers, your vehicle and the rest of society. Bear in mind that a safe distance is longer than the length to fully stop your vehicle. Hence, on a wet or icy road it is considerably longer than on a dry road; autumn and winter is the seasons of year this should be especially taken into account.
Coarse gesture and sound signal usage

No matter how awkward or annoying another driver would seem, he or she will not start driving better if you become aggressive. You will not get a positive feedback on a negative comment! In addition, the laggard may be someone you know and have a deep respect towards to, how would that make you feel?

Unnecessary and aggressive lane change

With a reckless behavior on the road you will neither gain a popularity, nor become a professional driver. However, you have a good chance of running into trouble and create difficulties for yourself and others who may not be ready for your actions.

You are too slow

Not only reckless driving and speeding can be dangerous, but also driving too slow. Drive yourself normally and let others do it too!

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