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Testing services: paintless dent repair in Phoenix

paintless dent repair in phoenix

Probably there are only a handful of drivers in Phoenix who at least for a once in their life have not experienced an unpleasant surprise in form of a dent or scratch on their car body. This warm winter with its mud and salt has fairly good camouflaged small dents and dings decorating the car body, but sooner or later everything will become visible to even the grubbiest owner. As it’s impossible to find the responsible person, luckily there is super cool service offered by DRP in Phoenix that is called paintless dent removal, which harmlessly solves all of the above stated problems.

paintless dent repair in phoenix

Development of car engineering and design has enabled ultra-modern car model structures, but on the other hand it has created significant drawbacks in terms of usability and practicality. Let’s take for instance moldings. Few years ago it was a typical thing that any class car has these protective shields. As of now, only a couple of cars actually have it, but American and European cars are not amongst them. It has been a major sacrifice to gain a more elegant and appealing side lines of any given vehicle. So now you can park in a narrow parking space and, believe, there will be someone who will leave a huge dent on your brand new vehicle. It’s just a matter of time when it will happen, and you can never know how large the damage will be (and repair bill too) and how much you’ll regret it.

But dents and door dings are not only an object to small and restricted parking spaces. You may become a victim of vandals who love to hit random cars out of omission. Or wind may throw a branch on the roof of your car. Typically, you would search for repair shop in Phoenix under such conditions. You would have to wait in long lines for days or even weeks before even somebody can have a look at your ride. On top of this, there’s a pretty good chance that the dents on your car would leave a big dent in your wallet, too. There are many testimonials circulating internet where people complain about dent repair costs in excess of thousands. But what would you say if I told that such defects can be prevented within an hour, keeping the original paint in place and it would cost you close to nothing?

Invitation to see paintless dent repair in action

At the end of March, Dent Removal Phoenix owner Chuck Garrick invited me and other interested persons to assess the results ensured by paintless dent repair – elimination of small defects like dings, dents, scratches without any finishing or painting right here in Phoenix. But it must be noted that this service is mobile – it serves other nearby locations like Scottsdale AZ as well.

In the customer acceptance room the first thing I notice is the relatively new Audi A6 next to which the owner of the place Chuck is standing. He introduces us to the magic equipment applied during the paintless dent repair process – set of custom tools. He begins the show by applying a special lighting to illuminate the dent on rear side of the car. Technically, the dent is visible without the equipment, since it’s of the size of a shoe. But ok, once we are introduced with the inspection stage of the paintless dent repair, it’s time to finally get our hands dirty.

example of hail damage repair in phoenix_before and after

Chuck moves fast and accurate, commenting his every move. Half an hour and the foot sized dent on the vehicle’s doors have disappeared. The audience is left speechless.

Paintless dent repair is not only popular in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Then he explains that paintless dent repair is not something only available in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any other city of Arizona, but actually has been long used in Europe by world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. For instance, when a new car rolls out of the factory, every vehicle body component is checked and every error is outlined with a special pencil. Then marked dents are pulled out before the vehicle is sent to any local dealer, including the ones we have here in Phoenix.

Paintless dent removal is also popular in the Alps regions where hail storms frequently damage cars with grains much larger than we have here in Phoenix. It’s worth to mention that the most skilled paitless dent repair technicians have advanced their craftsmanship in a manner that they are able to eliminate hail damage and other dents that are 10-20 times larger than typical hail caused defects. And Chuck has personally proven this in our presence!

Probably the greatest paintless dent repair achievement ever recorded is elimination of more than 1,500 small dents caused by hail damage to a roof of a premium segment German import. It took masters more than one and a half month to get everything fixed. Of course, traditional panel beating and simple re-painting would occupy less time, but don’t get fooled. Anyone who is looking for such an expensive vehicle, will probably tests the car paint thickness with a simple but fairly useful gadget – car paint thickness meter, just like these, for instance. If the paint thickness is greater than 200 microns, it’s a clear sign that the car has been re-painted, hence, it would be nearly impossible to sell it at a price you would want.

Major advantages of paintless dent repair in Phoenix or any other part of the USA comparing to traditional body repair is reduced repair time – most of the moderate complexity dents can be removed within a day. Next, the original paint job remains intact – it’s an important aspect once you decide to sell it. To continue, clients don’t have to worry about different color tones that are a typical problem after a traditional repair. Last but not least, the price will be much sweater.

To sum it up, paintless dent repair in Phoenix is a great opportunity to remove dents, hail damage and other body flaws at a relatively low cost and within a reasonable time.

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