Welcome Race FANS!!!



Saturday September 25th will be the last points race of the season.

Attention Sport Mods!!!

We are now allowing GM Sealed 602 Crate motors to run with Sport Mods using a 4 barrel carburetor.

GM 602 Crate motor with part # 88958602 allowed.

Engines GM Serial Number must be clearly Visible.

Carburetor allowed:

1 650 cfm 4 barrel Holley carb with Part #4777 or 80777.


1 650 cfm 4 barrel Holley Hp carb with part # 80451-1 (-2)


1 500 cfm 2 barrel Holley carb with part # 4412

Thanks Mudlick Valley Raceway


New Payouts Posted for each class- please view the payout section of your class.

Effective 7-24-2021



Attention Sport Mod drivers there will be some rule changes that take effect next weekend July 2nd as well. 

Tires must be Hoosiers

26.5/8-15 M30's, M60's

27.5/8-15 M30's, M60's

Right Rear must be Hoosier

26.5/8-15  M60 (M30 now allowed due to shortage)

27.5/8-15  M60 (M30 allowed at the moment)

No grooving of tires allowed, Siping will be allowed.

NO chemical treating of tires of any kind!!


Only steel body one piece Non-adjustable, Non-rebuildable shocks will be permitted.

Must be crimped/spun top and bottom of tube.

Must have fixed bearing.

Removeable heim joint allowed.

No shrader valve or remote reservoir.

No gas shocks, must be oil filled only.

NO bump stops allowed.

$400 claim on all 4 shocks

Claims must be made immediately after feature to tech officials.

Only top 5 drivers may claim the winners shocks.

Driver only can claim and must have $400 in hand at time of claim.

If winner doesn't accept claim, winner forefits winnings and points for that night and will not be able to race for 2 weeks. 

Attention Bomber Drivers!!  You are now allowed to run a 4-barrel Carburetor!!

Attention Drivers: We will now have an ambulance on site along with the Fire Department each night that we race!!

Drivers please remember that race receivers are mandatory!! Please make sure they are working properly and have a good battery!!

Attention all drivers!!- Mudlick Valley Raceway now requires that each driver have a race receiver!!

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