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Bomber Rules


1. Steel or aluminum body.

2. Firewall must be steel.

3. Firewall can be altered for headers.


1. Full frame steering box to center of rear end.

2. No tube chassis.

3. Must be 108-inch wheel base.

4. Aftermarket A-arms allowed.

5. Screw jacks allowed: Front & Rear.

6. 4 link on rear end.

7. No pull bars or 5th arms.

8. No coil overs or coil over eliminators.

9. Shocks can mount in any position.

10. Engine set back #1 plug with ball joint.


1. Must be steel block and heads.

2. Steel or aluminum intake.

3. Any headers allowed.

4. MSD ignition allowed.


1. Must be gas, no alcohol.

2. 4-barrel carburetor is now allowed!!


1. Any manual/standard or automatic.

2. Berts and aftermarket trans allowed.

Tires and Wheels

1. Any 8-inch tires allowed. (Racing or DOT)

2. 9-inch max width on wheels.

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